Christie Otter

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From the earliest time of the establishment of the piano studio the keywords have been, "Provide for Individual Differences."

The minute you step into the studio you are aware that the 7'6" grand, the studio upright, the complete midi studio, extensive music library, and computer generated activities will be the necessary tools for an exciting and thorough experience in music learning.

The well qualified teacher is certified in piano, theory and vocal. Degrees are in piano, voice, theater and communications. Post graduate study is in jazz.

The program places emphasis on improvisation, computer writing programs, theory, performance, and simple personal pleasure.

Students of all ages are equally comfortable in the envirornment. School age students may participate in MMTA Testing, Federation Festival, National Guild auditions.

Life long players are excited about learning to play freely as a result of the unique improvisation teaching techniques.

Older students are amazed at their accomplishment and especially what it does for their minds.

... a studio with something for everyone...

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Piano, Voice, Theory